Pricing for our "Hor D'Oeuvers" menus!

Hot and Cold Hors D'Oeuvres

Beef Qty/Size Per Serving
Carved Beef Tenderloin with Rolls and Condiments 3 oz. $4.50
Carved Roast Beef with Rolls and Condiments 3 oz. $2.50
Lilliput Meatballs Served Hot in Chaffing Dish 4 $1.50
Sweet and Sour Meatballs 4 $1.50
Texas Bar-B-Que 4 $1.50

PORK Qty/Size Per Serving
Carved Fresh Pork Ham with Rolls and Condiments 3 oz. $2.50
Carved Smoked Ham with Rolls and Condiments 3 oz. $2.50
Cocktail Sausage Wrapped in Pastry 4 $1.50
Grilled Kielbasa on Picks 3 $1.50
Ham and Pineapple Kabobs 2 $1.00

CHICKEN Qty/Size Per Serving
Chicken Strips (Baked Breast,Cut into strips) Served with Dipping Sauces 3 $1.50
Marinated Chicken Drummettes (Baked not fried) 3 $1.50

TURKEY Qty/Size Per Serving
Carved Turkey Breast with Rolls and Condiments 3 oz. $2.50

SEAFOOD Qty/Size Per Serving
Boiled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce (Peeled and deveined) 5 $3.50
Cocktail Crab Claws with Cocktail Sauce 5 $2.00
Crab Spread with Carrs English Water Crackers 3 $1.50
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon Served Hot in Chaffing Dish or Passed 3 $2.50
Shrimp Pacifica (Marinated shrimp) 5 $4.00
Smoked Mullet Dip with Crackers 3 $1.00
Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Mini Bagels, Cream Cheese, Purple Onion, and Capers 3 $2.50

CHEESE Qty/Size Per Serving
Assortment of Cubed Cheeses with Crackers (Cheddar, Swiss, Smoked Cheddar, Pepperjack)   $1.50
Caviar Cheese Roll with Carrs English Water Crackers   $1.50
Cheese Ball with Crackers   $1.00
Cheese Wafer with Pecan on Top   $0.40

FRUIT Qty/Size Per Serving
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 1 $1.00
Fresh Fruit on Silver Tray with Greenery   $1.50
Fruit and Cheese Kabobs 2 $1.50

VEGETABLES Qty/Size Per Serving
Artichoke Spread Served Hot In Chafing Dish With Carr's English Water Crackers   $1.00
Assorted Vegetables With Dip On Silver Tray With Greenery   $1.50
Spinach Spread Served Cold with Triscuits    $1.00
Stuffed Celery with Pimento Cheese   $0.50
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (Cream Cheese and Caviar) 2 $1.00
Stuffed Mushrooms (Spinach Stuffing) Served Hot in chaffing dish 5 $1.50

SANDWICHES Qty/Size Per Serving
Cocktail Sandwiches: Shaved Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef on White, Wheat, or Rye Breads; Lightly Buttered; Crust On; Served with Cocktail Olive or Onion and Frilled Pick to Secure 1 $3.00
Tea Sandwiches: Chicken Salad on Cinnamon Raisin Bread; Ham Salad on White and Pumpernickel; Pimento Cheese on White and Pumpernickel;, Pineapple and Cream Cheese On White Bread; Strawberry and Cream Cheese on White Bread; Bread is Lightly Buttered, Crust Removed 1 $2.50
Mini Cubans: Ham Turkey and Roast Beef on a 6" Steak Roll with Mustard, Butter, American Cheese, and Dill Pickle Chips, Served with Cocktail Olives and Onions and a Frilled Pick to Secure 1 $3.00
***All Sandwiches Cut Into Quarters and Served on Silver Tray***

MISCELLANEOUS Qty/Size Per Serving
Southwestern Dip Served Hot In Chafing Dish With Tortilla Chips 1 $1.00
Assorted Mini Quiche Served Hot in Chaffing Dish or Passed on Silver Trays 3 $1.50
Assorted Nuts 1 $1.00
Chips and Dip 1 $0.50
Cream Cheese Mints (Homemade) 2 $1.00
Deviled Eggs 2 $1.50

SWEETS Qty/Size Per Serving
Assorted Bar Cookies 1 $1.00
Assorted Cookies  1 Oz    
Chocolate Chip   1 $0.40
Peanut Butter   1 $0.40
Oatmeal   1 $0.40
Assorted Sweetbread Loafs   1 $5.00
Assorted Tea Cookies   1 $0.40
Mini Pecan Tarts   1 $0.50

PUNCH Qty/Size Per Serving
Fruit Punch with Frozen Punch Rings (no real fruit juice) 1 $1.00
Special Reception Punch with Real Fruit Juices 1 $1.50
Frozen Slushy Punch 1 $2.00

OTHER BEVERAGES Qty/Size Per Serving
Coffee with Cream, Sugar, and Sweet & Low 1 $1.00
Iced Tea 1 $1.00
Soft Drinks 1 $1.00

Additional Information


All prices are per person

All other selections of salads, starches, and vegetables are listed on the regular dinner menu.

All menus include homemade yeast rolls, fresh brewed coffee and iced tea.


All prices subject to the following:

Outdoor Service Charge ~ 15%

Out of Hernando County Surcharge ~ 10%

Florida State Sales Tax ~ 6.5%

Service Charge ~ 20%


John Mason catering provides the following items and services:

Linen table cloths to floor with topper cloths for food and beverage tables

Glass plates for food

Two-ply paper cocktail napkins

Fancy chaffing dishes for hot foods

Silver trays for cold foods

Fancy samovars for coffee and iced tea

Punch fountains or bowls for punch

Stainless steel cocktail forks

All serving utensils needed to serve food

Lighted carving stations for carving meats

7 oz footed coffee cups with handles

12 oz clear plastic glasses for iced tea

9 oz clear plastic cups for punch

Linen table cloths available for guest seating tables at additional charge

Labor to set up, tear down, and keep buffet serviced throughout event

No additional labor charges if event is over $12.50 per person and over 75 guests

A $35.00 fee will apply to carved meats


call for more information